The Engagement Gap

My good friend and ex-colleague Scott McArthur recently posted a blog on the Engagement Gap. This, he proposed, is “the increasingly wider divide between the expectations of organisations and their employees”, or the mismatch of business values and human values in an organisation (you might say corporate values versus lived values). This, he says, is the critical HR issue of the moment.

I certainly agree that there is such a thing in many organisations, and that it is an important challenge. My fear is that senior leaders, in many cases, just don’t understand their employees and in many cases HR departments are not really equipped to help them.  Firefighting, tactical and operationally focused, many HR departments are don’t really value the kind of critical and strategic analysis that will help them, preferring to kick off a range of initiatives in a scattergun approach, which does nothing to create a clear and consistent employer brand.

This is something I’ll come back to, as well as the inability of conventional employee surveys to provide real diagnostic value, in later posts.


About Rob Robson
Change manager and organisational development professional with a special interest in employee engagement and motivation. Masters swimmer

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